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Pokok-Pokok Malaysia

RM 6.00

Pokok-Pokok Malaysia: These tiny botanical related cards is to be shared with young kids and families. Get to know local names of our tropical trees that you can discover together outside your neighbourhood. In fact, quite common across Peninsular Malaysia.

These can be used as activity sheets; to be coloured in, hung in a bunch like a dream catcher OR used as individual cards for games/posters/trading/reference/bookmarks. The potential is endless!

You may purchase Pokok-Pokok Malaysia cards:

(a) Cards only (Malay or English) OR
(b) Bilingual set (own 2 of them and some free stickers) OR
(c) Mini Totebag set! Choose from 3 colours! The latter includes;

+ 1 set of Pokok-Pokok Malaysia (Malay)
+ 1 set of Pokok-Pokok Malaysia (English)
+ 1 set of Instant Sunprint Papers (A6 size)
+ 2 large stickers
+ 4 blank labels
+ Mini totebag (size: 23*21*10cm)

Artist's note: I have always love how exotic our local tree name sounds and I never forget how each tree has a story or memory I made with family and friends. As a child, I would studiously catalogue all kinds of objects and events; especially on road trip and backyard adventure. Tall trees and plants included!

In anyway you make from Pokok-Pokok Malaysia card collection, I hope you will make your own memories and get to know these trees as much if not more than I do. Have a great sunny day ahead!